East Elementary teachers learning how to utilize the new app to share out the amazing things happening.
about 3 years ago, Larry Lyder
Elementary staff
Elementary staff
Having fun in Pre-K during our week of learning letter Dd with dinosaurs, doll houses, and digging for dinosaur fossils!
about 3 years ago, Laura Hobson
Center Time at the sensory table
Center Time
Center Time
We are wearing our winter tree hats we made! On each branch we wrote one of our high frequency words and then we finished decorating with cotton and glitter.
about 3 years ago, Sharon Strnad
Fun Friday Fun
about 3 years ago, Pam Gallion
Hot potato...
Miss Sheets Kindergarten class learned about the letter H last week and made a horse craft!
about 3 years ago, Joni Sheets
Letter H Craft
Mother/Daughter Christmas Concert
about 3 years ago, Samantha Kraft
Christmas Concert
Pre covid 5th Grade reading to Head Start at Christmas time! (The Gift of Reading)
about 3 years ago, Brenda Ritterling
Reading to Head Start at Christmas time!
My wonderful class working so responsibly and respectfully! They are super!!! We are practicing our technology.
about 3 years ago, Tina Holton-Rice
Pic 2
Pic 1
Mrs. Wheeler’s class doing hot chocolate addition with marshmallows!
about 3 years ago, Jennifer Wheeler
Hot choc 3
Hot choc 2
Hot chocolate math!
Ever wondered what a Speech-Language Pathologist actually does?
about 3 years ago, Katie Mai
Who Needs an SLP
Scope of SLP
SLP Word Bubble
SLP Venn
Mrs. Gallion's Fun Friday!
about 3 years ago, Pam Gallion
Fun Friday in Music includes Go Noodle!
Hot potato anyone?
Enjoying our 60 degree December day last week!
about 3 years ago, Ashley Pierson
Mrs. Richecky's Kindergarten class have a dream. We have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr.
about 3 years ago, Sarah Richecky
Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream
Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream
Kids decorated their own pumpkins for Halloween.
about 3 years ago, Shelly Haskins
Decorated pumpkins
The kids decorated pumpkins for Halloween
Mrs. Strnad's kindergarten class completing stations in STEM on Friday!
about 3 years ago, Jennifer Mahin
Matching shapes station
Osmo Monster station
Magnetic tile house building
Osmo Tangram station
about 3 years ago, Connie Reedy
Mrs. Marston showing her skating skills.
Mrs. Parry's second grade have been reading Henry and Mudge books.
about 3 years ago, Mary Parry
Mrs. Parry's second grade have been reading Henry and Mudge books.
Pic. Henry and Mudge
Pic. 2 Henry and Mudge
Mrs. Stindt's 1st grade class at their Christmas Program and our Grinches that we drew
about 3 years ago, Pat Stindt
Christmas Program
Grinches and Reindeer
Baskets are ready for Tier Group leaders!
about 3 years ago, Kerry Johnson
Tier Baskets
Mrs. Strnad's 4th Grade class working on long division task cards with a partner! We have been working on long division and today students have to search or card numbers, work the problem, and solve.
about 3 years ago, Amanda Strnad
Long Division Activity
Long Division Activity
Helping one another
Learning together