USD 109 Online Enrollment Information

Online Enrollment is now open to new and returning students until Friday, August 6th. 

If you do not have access to a device and/or reliable internet access at home, or would prefer in-person assistance with the process, we will have devices available to the public for both elementary and secondary enrollment in the Jr/Sr High School cafeteria at 2405 P Street, on Thursday, August 5th, and Friday, August 6th from 8 am to 4 pm.

Our Online Enrollment Platform is provided by PowerSchool, and a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account is required to be able to access the online enrollment packets for your student(s).

For families that have both returning and new students, if you do not have a parent portal account, or are unsure as to whether you have an account or not, please fill out this google form: - We will respond with the information you need to proceed, to the email address provided in the form. 

If you have problems submitting the form, you may email with any questions you have.

If you have already created a parent portal account and connected your returning students to it, you may go to to begin the enrollment process for your returning students. If you have both new and returning students, please see below for further information on new student enrollment. 

Enrollment forms are not accessible within the PowerSchool mobile app(Apple iOS/Android), and can only be accessed via a web browser(Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, etc.).  Once you are logged in with your parent portal account, select the student you are enrolling and click on the "Forms" link on the left navigation menu. At the top of the forms page there is an "Enrollment" Tab, click Enrollment, and this is where all of the forms for your student's enrollment packet are located. 

You only need to fill out and submit forms that apply to your family/your student(s). Not all forms are required.  

If you have a new student that hasn't attended school within the district, Grades Pre-K-12, please fill out the following form for each new student:

PLEASE NOTE - The process to approve all new student applications will begin Monday, August 2nd. Once your new student(s) application is approved, you will receive information on how to proceed. If you do not already have a student attending school within the district, you will receive information on how to create a parent portal account, and connect your student to it. If you have both new and returning students, you will receive information on how to connect new students to your existing parent portal account. 

While families will have the option to pay fees online via the fees form found in enrollment packets, online payment is not required to participate in online enrollment. 

You're welcome to fill out and submit the enrollment forms and deliver your fee payments to the appropriate school building at a later date. If you prefer to deliver your payment, you may do so beginning Monday, August 2nd at the appropriate school building.

There are two separate fee forms - One for each school building, as not all fees apply to both schools. There is a fee form in every student's enrollment packet. You only need to fill out and submit online fee payments once per school building, even if you have multiple students within the same building. There isn't an additional transaction fee for those who choose to pay online. 

No one will be available for phone calls in the buildings until Monday, August 2nd. 

If you have questions regarding the online enrollment process, please send an email to

With this being the first year our school district offering online-based enrollment, please have patience as we navigate this process. 

We will do our best to work through obstacles that may arise to achieve a positive experience for all involved.