District FCCLA

District FCCLA 2017

District FCCLA 2017

Parliamentary Procedure: Ella Pachta, Isaac Morris, Jada zollinger, and Harley Ludaka BRONZE

Food Innovations: Rosalie and Annaliese Goertzen BRONZE

Nutrition and Wellness: Andrew Hubert SILVER

Illustrated Talk: Colin Dahl SILVER

Life Event Planning: Kelsa Wendt and Abigail Brent SILVER

Chapter in Review: Kalee Svoboda and Sadee Graves SILVER

Sports Nutrition: Maddix Siemsen, Caleb Bates, Josh Martin SILVER

Entrepreneurship: Natalie Wise and Halle Hartner GOLD

Chapter Service Project Display:  Karlie Strutt and Jaycee Blazek GOLD