The Pink Panther Strikes Again 2019

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Fall 2019

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Jacques Clouseau    Hunter Hartner            

Paul Dreyfus    John Price

Olga    Hayley Piroutek

Dr. Fassbender    Ayden Krohn    

Margot    Anny Wheeler

Co-head Pink Panthers: Anneliese Goertzen and Alexus Skocny

Pink Panthers: Cassey Robertson, Skyler Skocny, Jaycie Stindt, Rosalie Goetzen

Cato    Max Filinger

Mio (Cato’s daughter)    Sadie Sisson

Jarvis    Daniel Rieke

Dr. Duval    Nathan Snively

Cairo Freda    Faith Schintler

Hindu Harriett    Charity Tabor

Mafia-Type    Gunner Comstock

Francois    Issac Morris

Native American (Indian)    Alison Baxter

French Lady    Chasity Foutch

French Man    Hunter Reynolds

Waitress    Natalie Wise

McLaren    Sam Sly

Drummond    Nathan Snively

Wilson (Panther Spy)    Anneliese Goertzen

Mrs. Bullock    Alexus Skocny

Mr. Shork    Dylan McCartney

Mrs. Japonica    Mercedes VanNortwick

Mrs. Liverlilly    Jaycie Stindt

Mrs. Stutterstutt    Emily Smith

Chuck    Shawn Hartsock    

Emcee    Dylan McCartney

Orderlies: Braden Alexander, Dylan McCartney, Shawn Hartsock

Tounier    Sam Sly

Technician    Kassidee Johnson

Messenger    Anneliese Goertzen

German Agent    Chasity Foutch

First Desk Clerk    Cassey Robertson

Second Desk Clerk    Kassidee Johnson

Italian Killer    Sadie Sisson

Waitress Assassin    Jaycie Stindt

Polish Assassin    Dylan McCartney

Japanese Assassin    Hunter Reynolds

Nigerian Assassin    Braden Alexander

Australian Assassin    Daniel Rieke

Arabian Assassin    Nathan Snively

Swedish Assassin    Allison Baxter

Chinese Assassin    Sam Sly

Mexican Assassin    Mercedes VanNortwick

Canadian Assassin    Natalie Wise

French Assassins    Rosalie Goertzen, Skyler Skocny

Mirage Club Couples/Guests

Natalie Wise/Hunter Reynolds, Emily Smith/Braden Alexander, 

    Alexus Skocny/Issac Morris, Cassey Robertson, Skyler Skocny, 

    Mercedes VanNortwick

Technical Leadership Crew

    Stage Managers--Kansas Cole, Hayley Piroutek

    Assistant Stage Manager--Natalie Wise

    Assistant Directors--Chasity Foutch, Allison Baxter

    Assistant to the Assistant Director--Kassidee Johnson