Fr-Soph "Meet Me in St. Louis" Cast


Mr. Smith—Chris Rauth

Mrs. Smith—Laurel Fischer

Rose—Grace Rieke

Esther—Lasondra Aurand

Agnes—Samantha Ratliff

Tootie—Kia Frey

Lon—Zach Poppe

Grandma—Castin Klima

Katie—Kodi Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Waughop—Justin Allen and Lakisha Comstock

the Waughhop sisters—Abbi Johnson, Laura Collette

Ida Boothby—Lynnae Benyshek

Eve Boothby—Skiler Henry

John Shepard—Carl Brunner

Fred Gregory—Brett Stindt

Lucille Pentard—Adara Warner

Mr. Dodge—Ben Jacques

Mr. Duffy—Michael Snively

Conductor—Dalton Morgan

Fr./Soph. Stage Manager and Assistant Director—Samantha Ratliff

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