2019 USD 109 Art Show

USD 109 Art Show Results


High School Division

Fibers Division: 
1st Place: Mickaela Allsman
2nd Place: Mickaela Allsman
3rd Place: Taylor Gardner
Honorable Mention: Brody Boyer and John Lamb

Jewelry Division:
 1st Place: Grant Nabity
2nd Place: Jerrick Baxa
3rd Place: Blake Snodgrass
Honorable Mention: Jacob Rice & Quintin Beeson

Drawing Division: 
1st Place: Emily Jensik
2nd Place: Quintin Beeson
3rd Place: Heather Hansen
Honorable Mention: Grant Nabity & John Price

Watercolor Division:
1st Place: Anneliese Goertzen
2nd Place: Anneliese Goertzen
3rd Place: Emily Jensik

Photography Division:
1st Place: Grant Nabity
2nd Place: Grant Nabity
3rd Place: Trevor Martin

Batik Division: 
1st Place: Riley Cluver
2nd Place: Jony Dahl
3rd Place: Taylor Cherney
Honorable Mention: Chasity Foutch

Mixed Media Division: 
1st Place: Amber Cherney
2nd Place: Anna Pachta
3rd Place: Madi Price
Honorable Mention: Anneliese Goertzen and Quintin Beeson

Sculpture Division:
1st Place: Blake Snodgrass
2nd Place: Grant Nabity
3rd Place: Charity Tabor
Honorable Mention: Clint Callaway
Painting Division:
1st Place: Tobi Wilber
2nd Place: Alexus Skocney
3rd Place Mariah Motto
Honorable Mention: Sterling Judy 

Middle School Results:

Pencil Division:
1st Place: Kirsten Ball
2nd Place: Kennedy Finkbinder
3rd Place: Abby Knoll
Honorable Mention: Shaun Keilers & Keirra Bates

Mixed Media Division:
1st Place: Jersey Klema
2nd Place: Benedict Baxa
3rd Place: Hanna Orr
Honorable Mention: Owen Cole

Painting Division:
1st Place: Lizzy MacWhinnie
2nd Place: Kaden Novak
3rd Place: Natalie Boyer
Honorable Mention: Katie Kort


Congratulations to all our Republic Co. Artist!