2018 Math Relays

2018 Math Relays

Math Relays 2018


The 2018-19 Math Relays team got 1st in the 2a-3a division!




Placing in the top 20 individuals or top 10 teams for Republic County High School students were:



Using Number Sense


Jonathan Dyke 3rd 
Andrew Hubert 20th
TEAM: Taylor Cherney, Kameron Ines, Ayden Krohn 7th
Max Filinger 3rd
Marc Poppe 2nd


Trevor Martin 4th
TEAM: Max Filinger, Grant Nabity, Nathan Snively 2nd

Algebraic Manipulations

TEAM: Brody Boyer. Jonathan Dyke, Andrew Hubert 3rd
Kameron Ines 17th
Taylor Cherney 19th
Grant Nabity 9th
Max Filinger 11th
Nathan Snively 17th
TEAM: Amber Cherney, Taylor Gardner, Marc Poppe 3rd

Informal Geometry

TEAM: Brody Boyer, Jonathan Dyke, Andrew Hubert 4th
Grant Nabity 2nd
Max Filinger 11th
Marc  Poppe 1st

Applications of Algebra

Jonathan Dyke 4th
Andrew Hubert 16th
Max Filinger 2nd
TEAM: Faith Schintler,  Nathan Snively, Grant Nabity 7th
Marc Poppe 3rd
Amber Cherney 19th

Calculations With Calculators

Jonathan Dyke 9th
Brody Boyer 19th
Nathan Snively 4th
Grant Nabity 7th
TEAM: Amber Cherney, Taylor Gardner, Marc Poppe 5th