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Sept. 2nd (Fri.) Home FB game-Halftime Show (Pending)-Report time-5:30 p.m.-Gametime-7:00p.m.

Sept. 23rd  (Fri.) Home FB game-Halftime Show-Report time-5:30 p.m.-Geametime-7:00p.m.

Sept 30th  (Fri.) HOMECOMING-ASSEMBLY- 1:30 p.m.

                                   -PARADE- 2:30 p.m.

                                   -Report-5:30 p.m.

                                   -Ceremony- 6:30 p.m.

                                    -Halftime- TBA


Oct. 14th  (Fri.) Home FB game (Senior Night) Pre-Game only Report time-6:00 p.m.

                      J.H.-Halftime Show


Nov. 11th (Fri.) VETERANS DAY PARADE-Belleville-2:00 p.m.


Dec. 3rd (Sat.) Home BB-Report time-TBA

Dec. 12th (Mon.) WINTER CONCERT-7:00p.m.

Dec. 13th (Tues.) Home BB-Report time-TBA

Dec. 16th (Fri.) Home BB-Report time-TBA



Jan. 10th (Tues.) Home BB-Report time-TBA

Jan. 13th (Fri.) Home BB-Report time-TBA

Jan. 21st (Sat.) Hillsboro Tournament-Finals Only

Jan. 31st (Tues.) Home BB-Report Time-TBA


Feb. 6th (Mon.) NCAA League Band- Minneapolis

Feb. 10th (Mon.) Home BB-Report time TBA (SWEETHEART)

Feb 14th (Tues.) Home BB-Report time-TBA-(SENIOR NIGHT)

Feb. 27th (Mon.) 1st round Sub-State BB-Home only

Feb. 28th (Tues.) 1st round Sub-State BB-Home only


Mar. 4th (Sat.) Sub-State Finals only

Mar. 8th-11th (Wed.-Sat.) State BB

Mar. 16th (Thurs.) Jazz Band/Show Choir Concert-Cafeteria-7:30p.m.


May 8th (Mon.) SPRING CONCERT -7:30p.m.

May 21st (Sun.) COMMENCEMENT -2:00p.m.-Report -1:15 p.m.

*Underlined-Required performance by everyone enrolled in Band





A.     General Requirements

1.     Must be a member of concert band or chorus

2.     All band and chorus performances will be counted but solos and ensembles will be restricted to school, church, and service club sponsored performances.

B.     Merit Points: (For each performance)

                 1.    Band or Chorus Concert                                                                              25

                 2.    Marching Band (small instruments)                                                              10

                 3.    Marching Band (large instruments)                                                               15

                 4.    Jazz Ensemble or Show Choir                                                                     10

                 5.     Pep Band                                                                                                  10

                 6.     Ensembles                                                                                                10

                 7.     Solos Memorized                                                                                        20

                 8.     Solos with music                                                                                         10

                 9.     Appearances in Contest                                                      Reg.                 State

                          a. Solos, I Rating                                                                 75                   100

                          b. Solos, II Rating                                                                 40                   75

                          c. Solos, III Rating                                                                15                   25

                          d. Groups, I Rating                                                                35                   65

                          e. Groups, II Rating                                                               25                   40

                          f. Groups, III Rating                                                               10                   15

                10.     Accompanist for solos and ensembles                                                            35

                11.     Students responsible for recruiting a new member to band below a senior standing.      40

                12.     Publicity work or work committee                                                                 5-20

                13.     Summer Band Rehearsals                                                                                5

                14.     Summer Band Concerts                                                                                  15

                15.     Church Choir/Worship Team                                                                             15

Merit Points:  (For the year)

                  1.     Marching Section Leader-Band Staff                                                                20

                  2.     Youth for Music Select Groups                                  Choir-30                Band-50

                  3.     KMEA Select Groups-Band and Choir                                                              75

                  4.     All-Area Jazz Ensemble                                                                                  50

                  5.     Field Conductor-Flags and Twirlers                                                                   20

                  6.     Librarians                                                                                                       25

                  7.     Band and Chorus Officers                                                                                15

                  8.     Solo Chair Players (must hold chair all year)                                                      25

                  9.     League Honor Group                                                                                        50

C.  Percentage of Awards

                  1.     Gold--ten percent of class

                  2.     Silver--twenty percent of class

                          All Gold and Silver award winners will also letter in Band & Chorus.

D.  Outstanding Senior Instrumentalist and Vocalist are determined by total merit points for the four years of high school.



Performance No Shows!


     The student will receive a lowering of one letter grade on their report card for failing to participate in a performance.  The students will also make up the time missed at the discretion of the director.

      For all absences, the following procedure must be followed by the student and parent:

      1.     The director must be notified in advance.

      2.     Follow-up is the sole responsibility of the students!




Rehearsal and performance attendance                                                                                  35%

   Rehearsals, concerts, and other scheduled events

Preparation and homework assignments                                                                                   25%

   Music preparation, practice, music evaluation, equipment for rehearsals and cooncerts,

   writtentests and quizzes, and playing tests

Attendance and individual progress                                                                                           20%

Daily participation                                                                                                                       10%

   Maintaining correct attitude and cooperation

Other considerations                                                                                                                  10%

   Instrument maintenance, music care, band room care, etc.

Total                                                                                                                                            100%


The band director does not give grades, but records grades!



Be on time to all rehearsals and performances.  Early is on time!

Upon entering the band room, get your instrument, and go directly to your seat.

When the director steps on the podium or asks for your attention, all talking should cease.

Come to the rehearsal with a good attitude. Leave the bad one out the door!

Make an effort to improve on a daily basis, and establish a good practice routine.

At the end of rehearsal, put all material in the proper place.

Maintain a strong academic standing in all of your other courses.

Become responsible for and assume responsibility for your own actions.  Admit when wrong!

Have proper respect for yourself and others.

Read and play music with insight--have musical expectations.



     The greatest single factor that will determine the success of any individual or organization is attitude.  The kind of person you are is an individual choice, and how you feel about someting is one of the few actual independent choices you have in life.  It takes intense dedication to reach goals.  The band can do much for you.  Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance.



     Because of the nature of the organization, band discipline must be strict!  Band students and parents must believe in the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the organization.  Each member must always be aware of good behavior and think for themselves.  Any member who discredits the organization by their conduct or action in band shall be subject to dismissal from the band program or may lose a privilege within the program.